Chiefs and Raiders fight, Marshawn Lynch ejected

It a Chiefs and Raiders game because we have some fighting. The Chiefs and Raiders went at it after Marcus Peters hit Derek Carr late and then Marshawn Lynch was ejected after making contact with an official while apparently trying to protect Peters Trevon Hartfield Jersey.This started because Peters hit Carr late. At least it looked late to me when watching it but I don know when the whistle actually blew it dead. Chiefs DE Allen Bailey was taking Carr to the ground on a play that looked to be about over. Peters came in and hit Carr as he was going down . They flagged Peters for that late hit.That a bulljive call on Peters. Carr wasn dwn. shannon sharpe October 20, 2017The two teams started pushing and shoving after the Raiders players came to Carr defense. Marshawn Lynch then CAME RUNNING FROM THE SIDELINES and made contact with an official. It looked like he was pushing Peters back at one point like he wanted him to stay away from it. He and Peters have a longtime history in Oakland together. Was he protecting Peters? If so those Oakland ties run deep. Looked like Lynch was coming in to protect Peters? The Oakland is strong in that one Marcus Peters Jersey. Sam Mellinger October 20, 2017It's clear that Marshawn Lynch only did that because Marcus Peters was involved. Carrington Harrison October 20, 2017Watch this one and the theory he was protecting Peters makes senseMarshawn Lynch has been ejected from the Chiefs Raiders game for making contact with an official.