They're actually stronger. The issue is that they can easily be punished by any form of CC and because of this, it raises their skill cap making it difficult to implement them in any team comp. Ranged Asn are harder to reach because they have, well, range...not much to explain here. For melee asn to be more valid they would need a better risk-reward factorwith them, and to my knowledge the only worth picks for this is more or less Malthael, Greymane and on certain maps, Ragnaros. All other can still be played but they're not as rewarding unless they know what their doing and if even they did, the 3 I've mentioned are still far more rewarding. Illidan, Kerrigan and Butcher can still be valid picks but it's so difficult to find an ideal time to pick them because of how easy it is to shut them down with CC. As for thrall, he feels more like a debilitator than he does an asn and as for Samuro, most ppl seem to use him as a melee specialist.


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