SFWchk - Is it clean? Or is it pr0n? Let the A.I. decides!

Hi all, I would like to introduce you to my new Drupal project: SFWchk is a dead simple & user friendly content checker for offensive / adult images. Built on Drupal 7 & famous open_nsfw model (Python / Caffe in Docker) just for funThis is a site built around podcast done by myself, and another long-term expat of Japan. Unlike most Drupal sites I build, this one was done entirely through contributed modules, with a custom module being used for just a single bit of functionality. The whole site was uploaded 24 hours a day. It links externally hosted .mp3 files on Dropbox with the site, playing the files through an embedded audio player, using the Audiofield module. Using Views, I've added custom feeds which were submitted to Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher and Blubbry,

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