will All Saints Day bring the country to a standstill?


Going to Poland at the end of October to visit Auschwitz and will also go down the salt mines. I was advised to visit Auschwitz in winter by those who have been before, so picked 29/10 - 02/11, not realising that the Polish treat All Saints Day as such a solemn occasion. 

Can any Polish people or people with a good knowledge of the country advise what it is likely to be like over there at this time? Am I right in expecting things to be quite lively on Halloween and just All Saints Day itself being a very quiet day? Will things go back to normal on 02/11?

I was intending to go to the prison camps on Monday 30/10 and the salt mines on 31/10, staying in Krakow and then head over to Warsaw on 01/11 for a couple of days. What will travelling be like on this day?


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